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Project Darcy - A Pride and Prejudice Timeslip - Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven
I brushed my hands over the blue and white checked poplin of my morning gown, and despaired. The hem was spattered with mud from the walk but more than that I knew my faded dress had seen better days, and would have been improved for having another three inches added to its length. My hair, always unruly and curly to the point of being wild, was threatening to fall entirely down my back from the knot on top of my head, and tucking stray strands behind my ears was not doing a very sufficient tidy-up. Though why I was so keen to impress the stranger come to Ashe, I could not think. I’d lived in the world for twenty years and had not yet worried about my appearance when meeting any single young man. But, I’d heard enough from my dear friend, Madame Lefroy, to be exceedingly curious about her nephew Tom – his coming to visit his aunt and uncle had often been talked about, but never accomplished. When at last he’d been expected, every morning visit in Steventon had included a …
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Project Darcy - A Pride and Prejudice Timeslip - Chapter Six

Chapter Six Over the next week or so, the girls threw themselves into their new jobs and the dig got truly underway. Removing the topsoil was a slow process and the team covered every square inch of the excavation units methodically with shovels, picks and trowels. Martha was happy in her work. She didn’t feel the need to chat away like the other students around her, and no one bothered her as she dug enthusiastically into the earth with her shovel. Jess was in the operations tent, and already unidentified objects were appearing, carried in with all due reverence, to be washed, labelled, recorded and identified. Charlie, by luck or design, Jess wasn’t quite sure, worked there also, though he was working on the computer at the other end of the space. Whenever he had a moment, he was at Jess’s side, taking note of whatever she was doing. ‘Are you coming to the pub tonight?’ he asked, as he watched Jess working. ‘There are a few of us meeting at the Deane Gate Inn.’ ‘I’d like that, thank yo…

Project Darcy - A Pride and Prejudice Timeslip - Chapter Five

Chapter Five

‘Come on, Jane, let us go again!’ Henry pulled me up the slope to the top of the field where the elm trees stood like sentinels and whispered over our heads in their hushing, leaf language. The day was hot like the one I’d left behind, and my legs struggled to keep up with him in the heat. He sensed that my small legs were tiring and he turned to wait, looking at me with a grin. Light flickered in his hazel eyes, those that I knew grown-ups said were so like mine, but his were almost golden on this day, like Baltic amber. The grass up at the top of the terrace was so long; it prickled the back of my legs. Beads of dew, like fairy necklaces strung along green blades, felt cold under my feet. When we reached the top, he showed me how to lie down in line with the trees, my toes pointing one way and my arms stretched over my head. ‘Jane, wait until I count to three,’ I heard him say. Lying in the sweetly fragrant meadow, I felt so excited I started to giggle, and my body fidgeted…

Project Darcy - A Pride and Prejudice Timeslip - Chapter Four

Chapter Four
‘I am so hot!’ Liberty announced, ‘I’ll never be able to sleep, though it shan’t only be this sweltering weather that will keep me awake. My dreams will be all about handsome Greg tonight.’ ‘Did you really like him?’ asked Martha, who clearly could not see the attraction. ‘He was a bit oily, if you want my opinion.’ ‘Well, I don’t want it,’ Liberty snapped, fanning herself with the paper they’d been given on the programme for the next day. Ellie, whilst privately agreeing with Martha, was distracted from the view outside for a moment, but turned back to witness the wintry scene melting before her eyes. Like a dream on waking; the figures vanished into thin air, the trees and gardens were lush with greenery and blooms under a pale moon. The house sat in darkness, in midnight blue, with only the sprinkling of stars studding the black dome of a clear night sky. ‘Are you okay?’ asked Jess. She, of all people, was most attuned to Ellie’s sensitivity to such experiences. Ellie nodded…